Level 92 Inquisitor

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Level 92 Inquisitor (this character is setup for magic Finding with the extra rarity and quantity you find Exalted and Chaos much more often)
4k + Life
1k + Mana
400+ Energy shield

69 fire
75 cold (10+ overcap)
lightning resist 75 (19 over cap)
evade 14%
dodge attacks 40%
dodge spells 30%
block attacks 15%
(ccharacter has 1 full passive respec point to use)
Normal Cruel and Merc labs have been done

5 link inpulsas broken heart armor

Rare wep
50% crit
84% spell damage
3-108 lightning damage to spells
16% crit
15% multiplier
16 mana

85% spell damage
78% crit chance
62+ energy shield
33 life
33 lite
29 cold res

3 esh breachstone
2 xophs breachstone
2 tuls breachstone
60+ alchemy
60+ chromatic
60+ jewelers orb
50+ fusing orb
8 gem cutters
18+ apprentice cartographers sextant
10 jouyneyman cart sextant
1 master cart sextant
60+ silver coin
40+ black smith whetstone
25+ armourers scrap
24 orb of regret

4.27 to 4.95 (buffed) cast a second
7,500 Damage storm call per cast
with 55% crit and 330% damage multiplier
you kill bosses with a few casts (within a few seconds max)
You use Shield charge granting fortify and endurance charges
you also use herald of thunder when it kills it grants you onslaught (gem)
with a decoy totem to take all the damage for you
your cast when damage setup is blood rage for leech, phase run so you run faster and less likely to get hit
with enfeeble making them all weaker

Resist life movement boots

essence worm ring

bereks grisp

biscos collar <– worth a ex + im sure

biscos leash

Rarity of items dropped: 20% ( 70+ with dinination distile flask you have two so you can keep it up 24/7 almost)
quantity dropped by slaim: 5% ( 19-23% quantity with same flask)
along with
116% rarity dropped by magic monsters
93% quantity of items dropped by slain normal enemies

Lightpoacher helmet with 12% stormcall area of affect enchant
3 socket with 1 abysses socket
It casts spirit burst that casts 7 projectiles each doing 15k + damage, every time you castr a spell when you have spirit chargesm
you gain spirit charges by killing monsters you have a 19% chance so every 5 monsters you kill the next spell you cast will also discharge spirit burst doing 100k + damage overall.

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