Level 93 Slayer


Has dual vaal haste cast when damage taken with molten shell and poachers mark

Curse on hit setup with vengence (30% chance to auto hit on being hit) with enfeeble and main support

you also have a phase run setup with faster casting and increased duration so you can move faster

you have 2x 40% movment flasks
Dinination distile for magic finding
forbidden taste flask
and a 2k life over 7 second removes bleeding flask

All labs have bene completed even uber

5197 Life with 67K 5 Link Cyclone damage (129% movment speed)
2.4% Life leech + Bonus Leech
46% damage reduce
18% chance to evade attacks
stacked resistences and only -12 chaos
40% movment speed base with flask 80% movment with phase run 129% Movement speed

rare vaal axe
288-500+ damage
137 ed
33-65 phy damage
+3 life per hit
13% stun dur
13 attack speed

5 Link Brassdome
Devotos devotion helmet
Carnage heart amulet

Boots rare Dual resist with 80+ life and 30% movment speed
golves rare with 12% attack speed 75+ life and evasion

50+ fusings
25+ chromatics
30 Vaal orbs
45 white cartographers sextents
xophs breach stone
2 Tabula armors
belly of beast armor
and a bunch of low-mid end uniques

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Softcore League


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